Enquiry Software Consultancy

KnowAll Enquire is a very flexible enquiry tracking system with many options and configurable features. We are here to help you configure your software. We recommend that you purchase a consultancy day for each enquiry team using your enquiry management system so each team can set-up their own team leader, roles, enquiry forms, template responses, views and reports. Consultancy can take place on your premises or can be conducted with online meetings and the consultancy programme is always tailored to your requirements.

Recommended Consultancy
  • For Enquire we recommend one consultancy day per team

This recommended time is usually sufficient to configure the enquiry software to your requirements. If you feel you need more than the recommended consultancy time from us, you can purchase further days.

Cost of Enquiry Software Consultancy Days
  • Full day - £685 plus travel expenses where incurred
  • Half day - £345 plus travel expenses where incurred

For more information about our enquiry software consultancy services or our enquiry software package call us now on +44 (0) 1273 73788. Alternatively you can contact us via our contact page.

All prices on this page do not include VAT or local taxes.